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blowed up front diff.

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i jus got back from ridin today, i blew my diff almost clean in half, there is a crack goin almost all the way around it . is there a way to prevent this from happening again. also i have stock axles with lift and lift springs
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I removed my lift for this reason, It was putting the front drivetrain in to much of a bind. Between the busted diffs and 6 axles I had to do something. Of course there was the problem with getting alittle thumb happy on the throttle sometimes, which didn't help any. Once I removed the lift everything has held together so far with no problems.
i dont see how yll break axles, i run 29s and havnt had a problem yet cept the whole diff. thing. the rhino a whole nother deal im on axles # 12 with that pos
gear reduction
dirtyforeman is right when youve got too much power and to much bite something in between has to give and the diff and axles are the weak points. that is why someone needs to make a slightly stronger axle that is cheaper than 350$ each. I dont know about yall but my pocket book cant handle but so much pressure
i havnt had a axle problem yet and i got a ripped boot on one side. i guess its kinda like the rhino, the transmission will break before the belt slips lol. how do u get the diff out the frame
remove drum, there are 4 bolts holding the brake plate, remove them and you can set your brake assem. aside and pull the a-arms, knuckel and axles all in one unit, just give the axles a good pull and they will come out of the diff. once you have both sides out, then you can start on the diff. There are 3 mounts that need to be unbolted and removed, also undo the vent line and wiring. also remove the o-ring on the driveshalf boot and slide it loose from the shalf. once this is done, push the driveshalf as far back as you can and the diff will come out, it will be alittle tight.
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