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Blinking Gear Indicator

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I posted a topic in the Rancher section last week for a friend that had a problem with his ES. He could not get it to change any gears. I got some great help and I sent the information to him. I don't know if I cursed my machine by trying to help him, but the same thing has happened to me today. I just installed the perfex long travel kit the other day and took her out for the first time. Let me say that I had a great day of riding. I could not belive how much softer the ride is now. So I rode about 50 hard miles with no problems, I trailered and headed to the house. When I started to unload I noticed the shift indicator was blinking and would not change up or down. I used the emergency tool to manually shift into reverse and got it unloaded. Honda Mechanic sent me the diagnostic code sheet for the 350 rancher on a earlier post. I count 13 blinks then it blinks 13 times repeatadly. There is not a code for 13 blinks on the rancher sheet. Could Honda Mechanic or anyone tell me what to look for? The only mods I have installed is the perfex long travel and a reverse overide. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Code #13 is the thottle position sensor system ..First check the TP wires and coupler under your seat on the carb .. That is if it's the bike in your sig. (2006 TRX500FE) .. your dealer should fix that under warranty (if out of warranty it should be covered under good will warranty)

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Thank you again Honda Mechanic, your experience and knowledge on this forum is priceless. Is this some sort of fluke or have you noticed this happening alot on the 06 TRX500FE? Could the reverse overide or any certain type of riding be the reason? I have always enjoyed working on my bikes myself but am fairly new to atv's. When I owned my street bikes I found clymer to be the most useful manuals, but I haven't found any on my Foreman. Does anyone know where I can get one and which is the best? I'll be carrying the Foreman to the dealer first chance. I hope they do not try to void my warranty because of the Perfex upgrade!
I called the dealer and they said that if it is the TP sensor that it would not be fixed until next week b/c it is not a common problem so they would have to order. I planned on riding Sat. so that was a bummer! My question is can H.M. or someone else send a schematic or tell me exactly where the TP wires are so I can check them before I take it in. I found a manual through Helms, I believe they acutually publish for Honda. I would like to have a cd rom as well but they do not offer that. THANKS AGAIN!
This is section #21 from the 2005-06 Honda TRX500FE PDF shop manual ..The test for the TP sensor is here ..

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Thanks H.M. for the information, I'll give it a go when I get off work tommorow. Where can you get the PDF version of the manual? I found the Text for about $48.00.
I don't know where you can get PDF manuals ... I have PDF manuals for just about every model Honda made/makes .. From ATC70-350X , FL models , TRX70-680 ... From early 1970's to 2006 ,2007 manuals will be out soon.. These are from Honda Canada and as far as I know not for sale to the public ..
Pike up the bike yesterday, it was the T. P. Sensor. The people at the front desk told me that it was full of water and if it happened again Honda would not warranty it! I asked to talk to the tech that worked on it and they told me that they did not allow that, so I walked in the back anyway. He was extremely nice(unlike the front desk) and said that it was full of crystal clear water. He had never replaced this sensor before and couldn't see how water could get in there unless it was just a fluke. He thinks water probably got in at setup and it has just taken it this long to short out the sensor. Anyway, took a little longer than I expected but atleast it is fixed for now. Thank for your help again H.M. !
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