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blackcreek swamp riders atv club

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don't know how many people live close to savannah or statesboro but i just joined an atv club in blackcreek yesterday....the cost is $75 for an entire year and they have over 800 acres out there.....we rode for about an hour and a half yesterday after joining and spent most of our time pulling each other out.....nasty holes out there and tons of trails.....anytime anyone wants to go i can give you the guys info and you'll get the code to the lock. you can go anytime you want 24/7 all for $75....can't beat it if you ask me.
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Do they mind if you bring the one thing that breaks the most parts, beer?
yeah beer is cool....just no littering.....and just make sure you bring extra one likes the day getting cut short for someone that broke their ride
I'll take his information. We're always looking for someplace new to ride. Thanks alot
This sounds like a "must do" place!
went out and rode here last night and had a blast.....all the mudholes are full again and lots of people out....yall should plan a trip and come up
That really is a trip we would like to make. We need to start making a plan! It sounds like a good place!
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