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black wheels

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what is the deal with the black wheels. personally I would prefer stock over them if cleaning rims is the issue. different strokes different fokes
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i love black wheels. but i have heard they chip off alumium (spell) and they rust on steel. so thats why i stay away from them.
Has anyone seen anyother colors offered, like Red rims on a red machine or blue rims on a yami? Also has anyone ever tried an epoxy paint on rims? Would it be tougher?
Never seen any colors other than black, silver, and chrome. My brother painted his rims black. I think that he used a lot of coats, but not sure if he used any special spray paint. I know that he used clear coat as well. After he scuffed them up the first time and he touched them up and ut on more coats they haven't scratched yet.
there is black, silver,chrome and there used to me camo but they quit making them. i painted my old 4wheelers wheels i did not use any fancy paint but i did put alot of coats on and i had no problems with chipping or anything.
There is a red "anodizing" paint that we used on my race bike that is pretty cool. If you have or buy polished aluminum wheels you can paint them with that and they would look SWEET! its available at ABC auto parts in east Texas otherwise you would just have to shop autto parts stores for it. They make several colors like blue and purple for sure.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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