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black stock rims

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i was just wondering what folks that have black stock rims are painting them with. i thought about getting new black rims but whats the point when i could keep from buyin any at all
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I used some Rustoleum Black Gloss on Jennifers. I can't remember
what type of Rustoleum it was. It is too cold in the garage to go & check.
I used black Engine Enamel. Tough stuff.
I never thought of that. Did they come out very shiny?
Mine are ITP Deltas but its the same priciple. I used Primer, the Krylon gloss black. Then once that dried good I used Clear Rustoleum Engine enamel. The only reasoned I used Black Krylon is because Rustoleum takes forever to dry, in between coats.
I used some cheap wal mart flat black, and it shows...haha, gonna put another coat on.
You better make them meats look purty!
alright well thanks for the help everybody, i got my tires on friday evening...didnt have time to paint em first but i'll get around to it sometime soon...i haven't got a chance to ride in any real mud just yet but im ready. lol
I used some Black Hammered Finish. Holds up good if you do it right with a shinny coat.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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