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Black Oil

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I just changed by oil and with in one ride (about 50 miles) the oil turned black. Am I running too rich??? If so wich way do i turn the fuel mixture screw to make it leaner??? If thats not that problem what could posibly be turning my oil dark after just 50 miles????
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You turn the mixture screw IN to lean the mixture,but I doubt that's the problem.How many miles are on the bike total?
around 1200 miles on the bike....
Was this the first time you changed oil?On the Rubicon there are two drain plugs,Did you remove both drain plugs?
i have changed my oil every 60-80 hours as recommended.... and yeah i have always drained both plugs...
there are two plugs..??
where abouts is the second one.?
i don't believe i had ever seen a second one.
One in the bottom of the engine case and one in the oil resevoir.
If the bike runs fine and you don't seem to be burning oil I'd say you may not be draining all of the oil out of the case. This can happen if the ground isn't level or the oil is cold when it's changed. That will leave dirty oil in the case that will change your new honey into syrup faster. I'd say hot flush it.
it runs fine and blows a little smoke on high RPM's.. thats what led me to believe the fuel mixture issue...
Where's the oil filter

I just did a clean up, touch up, service on a buddies 1998 fourtrax. He never changed the oil filter at all EVER. In fact he never even new where it was untill i showed him! Unbelievable, Just goes to show, you can't take the simple things for granted. crazy
so... no one knows why my oil is turning black so quickly????
Well, I gave you my opinion.

But this black oil could also be due to your modifications. A rich fuel mixture is NOT going to pollute your oil UNLESS your getting an a$$ load of blow by. Which would give you one heck of a smokey, rich exhaust system.

My estimation is that these modifications:26" XTRs, Jet Kit, HMF Utility Exhaust, K&N Air Filter w/outerwears. Are what is causing your oil to turn black so quickly. Your engine is working harder and is producing more power. This wears on your clutch more as well as creates more heat and is causing your oil to age faster then the normal service intervals. It should have nothing to do with your fuel mixture. Adjust your service intervals to meet the demands of your modified machine.

Next time you change your oil, make sure you ride the bike until it is HOT. Then drain the oil, and change the filter. You could even do an engine flush if you're feeling ambitious.

If the oil turns black again after 50 miles, and this bugs you, have a Honda certified mechanic service the quad.

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I was thinking about that blow by situation. And i hope that is not the problem. I just cannot imagine that only 50 miles of riding would call for an oil change.

As far as certified Honda mechanics go... well... they destroyed two ECUs and 2 connectors on my bike, they also niether diagnosed nor fixed my bike with over 80 days at a Honda "Certified" Dealership. And another 7 days at another dealership. It took me 2 hours and a manual to diagnose the problem with my BIKE... It was a simple angle sensor. Common use of a Digital Volt Meter makes this an easy fix.

I was merely looking for some one's experience in this matter.
Wow....thats honestly depressing. Mechanics these days rely WAY too much on electronic diagnostics. They groan when a problem involves the simple task of turning pages and reading. Most students in my automotive school could not even use a volt meter upon graduation.

My story: I've had one bad experience with a certified Honda mechanic. Where my older Honda 300 would run on start up and then, under power, would flood and choke out. Had it in to Honda for 2 weeks. Couldn't find the problem. I took the carb apart and found a jet just sitting in the float bowl. I screwed the Jet back in, and away I went. Took me maybe 35 minutes.

I don't want to waste your time. I'm not experienced with these new engines at all. But with my older Bikes, If it's cold out, like here in Minnesota when it gets way negative. I get some blow-by from all my quads. (95 Polaris, 89 Yamaha, 95 Honda) This is pretty typical for cold climate but I can't imagine it happening to such an extent on such a new quad.

To diagnose your problem further, you should pull your plug after a good run and check it against this guide. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
This is a good place to start.

Hopefully this helps a bit.
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what kind of oil are you using, weight/brand
I am using Maxima Premium 4T atv 10w40...
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