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Black Foreman

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I decided to change my Yellow plastics to Black, for some reason its about impossible to get the 06-07 Black foreman plastic part numbers, so I just went with the 05 Rubicon, they are cheaper, and easily available, but there is the cutout for the shifter, I will figure out something to put there eventually. Here are a few pics all cleaned up and about a can of armor all later

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man thats nice as ****.....looks great robb
what is that hanging from your bash plate
did you replace the fender flares too.....and how much was the entire plastic kit and where did you get it from???
looks real good, i like it. JWJR, that is a tow hook for when he gets stuck.
how long did it take to switch?
where can i get one for my foreman
Thanks for the compliments yeah its a tow hook on the front. I didnt replace the outer fender stuff, just anything that was yellow. It was a pain in the ass job and it took about 3-4 hours I suppose, i did it over 2 nights. THe plastics themselves are affordable, $200, but i had to pay another 100bucks for shipping, that sucked.
Did you not get stickers with it?
looks good Nice dent in the front bumper robb
i didnt notice that... wonder what he did to get that
how r ur yellow ones? interested in gettin rid of them?
all i can say is SWEEEEETTTTTT!!!!!!
I can think Black Rinny's bumper for that nice dent, although it was my fault.

The yellow plastics are in ok shape, a bit faded and bit scratched. The problem would be shipping these things.
what site did you get them from or did you get them from the honda shop
nice job Robb as far as the shifter hole, just install a piece of polished diamond or alum. plate to cover it up, this will give you something to put a sticker on.
ddaayyuuummmm.....lookin really nicee good job..
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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