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Black Foreman

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I just added all the prices up for the 06 Black Rubicon body panels - $208, whos gonna be the brave one and have the first Black Foreman.
Im to poor right now, I would love to.
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i would to but what would you do on the left side where the shifter is suppose to come out of the body?
yeah thats the only funky part. Havent figured out a solution to that one either.
or you could so something like that but put a short shaft with a skull shifter nob on it
reckon they mount right up up or need some fab work done what about the blue bodys witha like a black pod cover but the black is much sweeter lookin
yeah blue would bolt right on no mods needed.
so the rubi body might need a little fab work to get on there
jus that shifter deal, the rest should, IMO, go right on.
where did you price it at i might do that i still have some money left over i have ordered $847 worth of stuff for the 4man this past weekend miswell make it over a 1000
service honda is where I priced it all
I wonder how it would look if you used the bluefor around the tank and black every where else? (Robb, there is your Photoshop assignment for work tomorrow) Sport bikes mix the colors of the plastics all the time.

I would really like to see some of those fancy graphics kits made for the utes too.
yea that would be nice but i thik i'm gonna try this black rubi body wut do you think it will look to black since the wheels i just ordered are black delta's?
robb what are the part numbers for all the peices needed?
what if you used the hole for the shifter to run a snorkel through??? just a though...
Hey Robb, curious about the black stuff as well. I just got back from chattanooga with my new one and I have got black ITP type 4's and got the bi/tri claws. Its red right now, but I think the all black would look evil. I went out and did a head count of all the pieces and looks ruffly about 9 different pieces, can you get all that for 208 bucks??? I didn't think you get that much of anything from honda for that price. I'd like to do it. Show us some part numbers.
He got the prices off looking for the panels on Service Honda's Microfische.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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