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Bike year identification

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Hi again
I am trying to figure out what year my Foreman 400 is
I cannot read the chassis number as it not clear at all and I am frightened if I rub it much more I will lose it completely
The bike is Red and faded badly You mentioned that cleaners can help, Can you recommend anything that I can get in New Zealand
Is there any disguishing marks on my bike that will relate to year of manufacture ?
It was sold to me as a 1999 model
Thanks Gary
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You can also go by the engine serial number , as long as the engine wasn't changed ..
Here is where the engine serial number is ..When the picture opens click it again for full size..

The codes go like this:
1995 model -- TE20E-80xxxxx
1996 model -- TE20E-81xxxxx
1997 model -- TE20E-82xxxxx
1998 model -- TE20E-83xxxxx

I think you can follow the way this works.. Post back when you find your number .. Altho these numbers are CDN & US they are probably the same for NZ ..
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Bike ID

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you
My eyesight is not what it was So I have waited for my young nephew to come over.
He says the numbers are Te20e-840469 so I think it must be a 1999 model, it just must have had a hard life
He could not read the serial frame number Seems a silly place to put it
Any luck in a recommendation of a plastic cleaner ?
Thanks for the help
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