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Bike blowing out black smoke

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I recently rolled my quad, so during the down time i installed a 2" snorkle , Ran too lean. So i installed the jet kit 165,3 down on needle and 2 1/2 turns out a/f. But I am getting black smoke out and and have to have the idle all the way up just to idle. I tried turning the a/f screw in and out and it made no difference. So i cleaned out the carb and tried again... same thing.. i am about to light the @!$! on fire..

help please..
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Rich condition , everything was fine before you rolled the bike , i take it ?... i'm not really familiar with these carbs , but it sounds like something is stuck or loose (diaphram ,siphon tube, needle hung open ) i would completely clean carb , with carb cleaner , blow dry w compressed air (controlled) and look everywhere w/ magnifying glass. You have something stuck in there somewhere, Don't freak out , just nail the tinyest details ! If your adjusting idle , and does really do anything , you have fuel running freely into your engine !! Hope this helps , i wish i could give more detail .. Good Luck with that !!!

thanks for the advise! Tried cleaning it and broke some stuff on the carb while doing so ,.... then I managed to take the hammer and break a couple more things on the carb ...
All in all i ordered another complete carb from bike bandit. Will update if the new carb helped!

i've been in that situation a few times... but i took my frustration out on a 12pack.
HA HA HA well farout , that'll teach that carb to f*^%[email protected] with you huh... Well I'd rather the 6-12-24 pack way!! But get r' done,
Just wanted to update,,.,
I bought a rubicon carb from bikebandit and put it on my foreman 500. The carbs are a bit different but it works like a charm. I pulled out a couple trees this weekend with it and had no problem!!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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