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Bighorns on stock 2005 Foreman

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Hey guys. I have really enjoyed all of the information on this site. I want to put Bighorns on my Foreman with the ITP SS rims. I do not want to lift it up any. I wanted to know if the 26 Bighorns will be ok on the stock Foreman with the ITP wheels or will I need to go with 25s. I have read in some post that the Bighorns are larger than most tires. I wasn't sure if the offset on the ITP SS wheels would cause the 26s to rub or not. Also, which ITP SS rims do you recommend (106, 108, 112), and if I go with 26s should I go with 12" or 14" wheels. Thanks.
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26" Bighorns will fit and work perfectly without a lift.

ITP offsets are close enought to stock so that it won't cause any issues.

As far as SS wheel Style, that is purely a personal preference.

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You could fit a 28" tire without a lift and no worries.
I like the 12" SS112s on mine.
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