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Bighorns, ITP Terra Cross, or ITP Holeshot ATR's

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Ok I thought I was set on the Bighorns but as I have just come off of a sport atv I've found I am still addicted to speed and am reconsidering this heavy tire. I am putting the Atvoutfitters HMF powerkit on at the same time. Anyone who runs these tires or knows someone who runs these please give me your educated opinions on these tires(performace, durability). Also is there a big decible differance between the HMF Utility and the QS1. that is the utility w/quiet core. Thanks in advance.
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atrs are the lightest, and that really shows in the weak side-wall.
are they weaker than my stock Dunlop's
na, just have read in many spots that the side tears easy with trail deries(sp) rocks etc, those terra cross's look like a nice tire
It's looking like thats the route i'm going to go i've found several good reviews on other sites. Thanks for the input Hondaman
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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