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Bighorn Bias-Ply

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Does anyone have these? I rode with a guy that put these on his bike, and they are much flatter and look alot wider. I know the theory behind Radial versus Bias, and how a radial produces a wider foot print under load, and will not dispute that. I also have eyes and can see with 4lbs of air in a radial, and the same in the bias, the radial is much rounder in appearence, bias is very flat and good looking, it should be the other way around. Just to clear this up a bit, we have 4 sets of Bighorn Radials in our group, and this one set of bias, all the radial look the same, all the tire pressures are checked, and all the bikes weigh around the same(Brute Force, Rubicons,) and were viewed without a rider, and with riders, same result. If the handling was simular (tire flex) as the radial and the price was less, the bias may be a good alternative to the high priced Radials we all run. That is, if the wear is the same as the Radials, and the toughness is also present.
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I know about the Dirt Tamers, I dont know anyone that has them. But these were the Bighorn Bias Ply. I know alot of the GNCC utility class ran these Bias Ply Bighorn's before they switched to Radial's. From what I have read since posting about these, they are hard to find, hardly if any different in price, and almost exactly the same tire. But they are certainly wider in appearence.
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