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BIGGEST TIRE on stock 450es

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Hey guys, picking your brains here. I'd like 26s. Biggest Tire on Stock 450? Recommendations? Any cheap 1 inch lifts to fit 26s/27s. How do I get to fit 27s? 2inch ..and the rear end. What's up with these failing with lifts?
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you can fit 27s with no lift
yea my friend had 27" claws on a 450 and they fit fine and the rims they were on were even for a IRS bike.
Skip the lift especially in the rear, they are more trouble than they are worth. This is coming from a guy that likes to lift everything, I even put a lift on a boat trailer one time You can fit 27's no problem.
I have 27's and they fit perfectly with no lift and never gave me no problem.
Thanks 27s it will be. Now which ones. I want a good mud/snow tire, but still want to ride the road trails in Hurley and get some decent life out of them. Suggestions. How wide. 10s? 12?
10's in the front 12's in the rear........i would probally go with the bi/ tris
I would go with ITP 589's or Bi/Tri Claws.
bi/tris or mudbugs
I have noted that alot of people are asking whats the biggest size tire they can run. Everyone has an answer, but its for there quads with mods...??? What size tires on stock machine? What size tire can a stock 450 turn in most conditions?
I know there is thick thick mud and then there is watery soup like mud.

i ran 27" vampires on a stock 450es for years they will spin em stock
you might want to look into kenda executioners, i have them and they are the best tire i have ever had. they do great everywere and also wear great.
has anyone tried or know much about the ITP mudlite xtr's...looking for thoughts/opinions on them or experience
yes my brother runs them on his 2005 honda rancher at 400 . they are 26 inch tires and wide with aftermarket rims . the bike is a beast in the mud and make one **** of a difference .!!! i have a 2001 honda foreman 450 s and i know they will turn them all day long .. i put his tires on my foreman and it ran awesome .. xl's are a great tire go for it !!! my question is can i run 27 inch outlaws on my 2001 foreman 450 s ? are they good tires ? i really like the aggressive tread on them . i have the following mods on mine------ hmf utility pipe , 135 jet , warn 424 selector switch , k&n air filter .. i will be adding a high lifter spring kit and lift kit next .. so will the foreman do good with 27 inch outlaws on it ??

I have a 03 450s and run 27x12 vamps on all the way around it is a litle harder to handle( not much) but will make up for it on long run stands up better and will float with little guy on it
I am running 28-12-12 Gators all around, no lift, 02 450es.
WOW...28s with no lift. Gota be close to rubbing. I'm thinking 26s. Will 26-10s and 26-12s fit on the stock rims? Right now there are 25-8s and 25-10s on it. Can you go with the wider tire on those rims. Thanks in advance.
You can fit that size on stock wheels. I would go w/ 26s unless you can use the extra 1/2" of ground clearance from 27s. It will help to minimize power loss. I have found mud that would bog my bike when it was stock w/ my 26s. Even w/ power mods, there is mud that will barely allow my tires to turn over.
Thank you sir. Now I'm thinking about a lift though...
I like my gators they seem to be a good tire for the mud. Rocks seem to be another story. I wish I would have went with 10's all around now but what can a poor boy do .
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