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biggest outlaw on stock foreman

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whats the largest outlaw I can safely put on a stock 07 500 foreman
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wel if u get 31s u gota have trimmed finders lift kit and springs but i bet u could put 26 maybe 27 in on there without all that stuff
29.5's is what I heard, there is a guy on here named rob that has them with no lift. Just had to heat bend his fender flares.
27's should fit.
27s at most without having any mods
I have 27,s on mine with no lift and they fit just right. They are 10's in front and 12's in the rear. I think if I had the 28's they would rub the fenders a little.
My 27"s 9's on the front would rub on aftermarket wheels.. they would hit the fender braket but a 4lb hammer cured that problem!
just to let ya know you'll probably be changing bearings more often. I know i do.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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