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Big Tires

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I was thinking on going with 27" Outlaw tires on a 2007 Honda Forman 500
for you guys that are running 27" Outlaws. Are you turning them okay in the mud?

And do they work good on the Honda Forman 500
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My buddy runs 27" mudlites and he says he can't turn them very well but his bike is also stock. I run 26" mud bugs and they work great. For more clearance I put on a lift kit.
I have ran 27 mudlites on my '06 since new with no problems. Was plenty of power stock and even better now with an HMF Pipe, K&N filter and rejetted. Laws are a fair bit more aggressive but a few mods and should be fine.
27 inch 589s

i have 27 inch 589s completely stock and i turn them without a problem... i would def do bigger then what i got got i want 28 outlaws and ill be happy lift and exhaust and jet kit your good to go.
I turn my 28' laws pretty good with only a clutch kit and snorkel
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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