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Big Tires

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What's the biggest size of Tires i can install on a 2001 Fourtrax Rancher 350FM? I'm looking of getting bigger tires, no lift kits install either...

Any suggestions for good Mud tires?

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26s for sure, 27s might be pushin it.
I have 26" ITP XTR , tire clearance is close, no loss of power.
26" stock, 25" with saggin rear end, 27" with some pastic choppin
I have 2 2004 350es, one with 25" mudbugs, and one with 25" bear claws. Like both type.

rtherio i'm planing on going for a ride on saturday to may lake with my wife and kids, and a coworker. let me know
We put 26" ITP 589s on and when we did the rear one would hit the heat shield on the stock muffler,a couple of washers behind the rim solved that or we could have sliced off a little bit of each tread that hit.
Oh Yea they were 12" wide on the back.

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