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big tires

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how big of a tire can you fit on a 05 foreman 500 with perfex long travel lift, and progressive 512 shocks
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On stock wheels, 29.5s and they might fit on aftermarket wheels too.
jwjr i thought ur dad wont let u do anything to that quad lol thats why u need your own
yeah he wont let me do anything to him thats why im asking so i know when i get mine in the future

robb is it the how wide the wheel is or the offset that makes them fit on stock wheels
o ok i whould run 26 or up outlaw mst or swamplites or mud lites
thats my 2 cents
thats what i was thinking 28" outlaw mst
ya thats wat i thought bout putting on mine. but since my step dad pays for half the payments he has say in wat i do to it so im going to put like a 26 mst on it
or mudlites
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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