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big red snorkle

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my buddy wants to snorkle his big red with spa hose. any ideas on how. and what to hook it up to to hold it.
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tie wraps and duct tape...

come on man i thought you knew!!!

try this link 3 different snorkel setups, i used the spa hose, the hardest part was getting them little plastic clips off

If it wasn't zip tied it wasn't done right:mrgreen:

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You should be able to run 1.5 inch spa hose right into the box. Just seal it up good with silicone and clamp it tight. Other than that I would just hang it with Zip-ties to route it. If you have to run by heat, I would slide it inside some 2 inch PVC to protect it from the heat. Thats what I did on my foreman more or less...
i was trying to figger out how to run the hose up. cuz on the 3 wheeler the hole front rack truns
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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