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QUOTE ("opjar01":l77s2255)
Anybody have the Big Gun EVO Sport Utility ehaust installed on their foreman?? How do you like it and how would you compare it to the HMF utility series exhaust? I am preparing for some upgrades and would like to know which one is better.
First off. I just noticed you are in Hendersonville, small world!

I haven't personally had a Big Gun on Foreman, but have had them on XR650Rs, XR400s, a 2005 400EX and currently on my 2008 400EX. I have always found them to be top quality and have the best overall sound and power of anything out there. Never had a single problem, and trust me if a HRC prepped XR650R desert racer can't blow one apart you will be fine with one on your Foreman
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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