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i was wanting to lift my foreman more than 3" is there any place's to get some longer arms and i would get longer axles and stearing rods, cables but can i keep the swingarm ill post some pictures in the photo part of the forum so you can see wat im asking
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the rear will have to be extended also, if you try to add 3" with the stock swing-arm the u-joint will in a bad bind. You can PM Buzsaw, he is on this site, but I haven't seen him here in awhile. They build the Xfab lifts like what Eustismudder runs on his foreman.
i dont know how long the foreman 400 swingarms are but i do know that foreman 450 swingarms are 3-4" longer than rubicon swingarms. i doubt the 400 and 500 have the same leingth swingarms but maby the 450 swingarm will be longer than your 400 swingarm too. sorry i dont really have any info on this but i thought i would run that by you just incase you wanted to look into it.
the 400 and 450 are the same lenght
well thanks did yall see those pictures
you talking about the pic's of the rubi you posted in the photo section.
yea thats wat i want but wat did he do about the front arms and axles also wont something have to be done to the back shaft
everything is custom made. new custom extended a-arms with $700 gorilla axles on front, extended swingarm and driveshalf on rear.
ok were are some pictures of that one guy 450 estiun or watever
go to they have pics of a 450 that they did. I am planning to do the same thing to a 400 that a friend just gave me.
wait i cant find there web site
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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