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nope they sure dont make one, or a cam i think i've annoyed everyone in the world about those two mods and they dont seem to be hurrying up about making them
you know maybe if we all started annoyin the he** outta some of the companies they'd start making these parts for our bikes. just cause they arent the biggest displacement or IRS or EFI doesnt mean they arent capable , I've rode with grizzlys, brute forces and everything else and yea i'm used to bein the little guy(fourwheeler only haha) but it'd be nice to have some more options beside a pipe filter and a jet kit to get more oomph outta these things. sorry guys i'm just venting cause i can't find any of the mods I really want.
they make them for the 300's 400's and 450's you'd think they would make us one.
these bikes are a popular bike, I can't ride without seeing at least one more somewhere along the trails on a crowded day, just because we didn't lay down 8 grand for a brute force or an outlander doesnt mean we dont want the parts to make our bikes better
who sells the big bores for the 450's
All a big bore kit is, is a larger piston and rings. You can get larger pistons and rings from Honda (under $100), then bore your cylinder. Then you have a big bore kit. You do not need to buy an overpriced kit like HL sells.
you guys new or something??? FST makes a kit for the Honda ....even the little rancher has a 368 kit for it.

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truckman they have honda kits but none for a 500 foreman
give them a call.get the sleeve from them or LA sleeve and get a piston from JE or Wiseco.big bore kit in one right there.your going to use oem clips and bearings anyway.
what about a rubicon big bore kit? it only makes it a 550 though.
here is the sleeve for the foreman and rubicon.they appear to be the same Pn. it can be bored to most sizes neede to go oversize.

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i have

i have bored mine out 1.00mm and it has a diff. i can now pull the front tires off the ground at a dead stop in first with out droping the shifter. i have a lot more done to this bike too though
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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