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big bore kit

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hey is the big bore kit worth it. I know highlifter makes one but i would like to get a wiseco or summin like that i think that its better im not sure. My bikes been down for like 6 months time to finally get off the pot and get it fixed. If it was yalls what would yall go with?? Thanx
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thanks for everybodys input so far lol
no but really what do you all think
not sure, i have my bike bored out as much as possible...only becuz when i brought it in to get worked on the mechanic said i had no top ring at all on my piston so i told him to go ahead and bore it and whatever else he needed too...bored it once and got a stage 2 piston from honda and piston went straight through the cylinder...went back and had to special order another piston from internet somewheres and get cylinder bored 1 last time

thats all i know bout boring

someone on here has a BBK i know but just not sure who
not very helpful,but I'm interested my self.The highlifter kit says "no sleeve required"? can't quite comprehend how your increasing cc's but not boring/enlarging the cylinder.The kit shows a piston,gskts,rings,and a sleeve,I have never been impressed with their site,maybe somebody will fill us in a little more.
I dont know what kit you are referring to, I haven't looked. But more than likely it is a high compression piston kit that your looking at which doesn't require a new sleeve. The high compression kit has a dome top piston unlike stock which is a flat top style piston. They usually offer the Wiseco or JE high compression piston kits.
WHat kinda gains would the dome top piston provide I know it would have a higher compression but I wonder if it would help that much??
never know till you try it i suppose, someone go out and buy the kit and do it up and let us know what she feels like afterwards
well im gong to try it i guess but im going to have to buy a sleeve i think. MY bikes went swimming with the snakes too many times.
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