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big bore kit?

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I have just got my results from the shop after I sunk my foreman over the weekend. It is blowing oil out the muffler pretty bad and has a low end knock. I was told I had to do a complete rebuild. I have a 2000 foreman ES and wanted to rebuild it with the big bore kit. I have researched the kit but im unsure if the kit comes with everything I will need to do a complete rebuild top and bottom end. Any suggestions would be helpful as what I should do....
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the BBK only comes with a new piston kit, sleeve and top end gks set. You will need to buy everything else your self.
dirty4man what should I look at paying if I go with the bk and replacing the other parts? I know this sounds crazy but what do I need outside of what the kit comes with?
well a piston kit and sleeve are around 300+ but the machine work is over 200+ for a good job. well dont forget about the valves and seats, and maybe a webcam$$$ nice.
As far as what you need will depend on what you find when you tear the engine down for repairs.

the last one I rebuilt was around $700 in just parts. This was with a new crank and bearings, timing chain, over bore, wiseco piston kit, gks and seals. this was with me doing the work.
mine is blowin oil out the exaust and smokin like a freight train but still runs perfect, do yall think i need a new crank and bearings
they way you beat on atv's , YUP
QUOTE ("outlawedrecon":35xwwyum)
mine is blowin oil out the exaust and smokin like a freight train but still runs perfect, do yall think i need a new crank and bearings
is it knocking and why is it smoking? was it sunk or run hot ?
it was ran hot, when i bent that output shaft the seal busted and all the oil went into my swingarm and it ran hot on my trip back to the trailor
o yea there is a little bit of valve clatter but nothing coming from the bottom end
If its not knocking, a topend rebuild should take care of it. once its down just inspect the crank before you put it back together. I would also look into changing the timing chain.
ya , a timing chain is a good check ,they run $100 bucks. i put a oil pump in to but i dont think it needed i have a spare lol
cool, how hard is replacing the timing chain
QUOTE ("outlawedrecon":p5fsfj9i)
cool, how hard is replacing the timing chain
you have to remove the front clutch cover off, then pull the cent. clutch out. the timing chain is under it. You can pick up a DID timing chain for around $60 and a clutch cover gks for around $23
My 450 is blowing oil and has a knock in the bottom end when i kill it some times does this mean my cranck shaft is bad?
what do u mean by it knocking when you kill it sometimes?
When I kill the motor, it has a thump or pop like something is in a bind. Or some times it will missfire and i hear the thump.
when you kill the motor do you sometimes hear something winding down before the clunk? if so your one way bearing is going out. it is located under the centrif. clutch assem. the bearing cost around $100 to replace plus a the gks.

As far as the misfire, I have no ideal. The cylinder could be loading up.
is that a big deal i dont see how it hurts anything i havent really thought anything of it. Something else is if your motor is blowing pure oil out the muffler and its smoking real bad and it has a valve tick you probably have done alot of water riding even on cold days and when the water is cold and your motor is hot and they collide the top end normally has some kind of damage and the valve guides and valve seats normally have some problems causeing the oil to run down the exhaust valve and into the motor which will make it seem to burn oil and really the motor is fine all that NEEDS to happen is a valve job. happend to me once and now its happening again.
Yes I can hear the winding down everytime before the thump. Why does that bearing go out heat, or junk in the motor? Is anything going to be with the crankshaft?
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