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Bi/Tri Claws

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Just ordered a set of these tires in 27s, will be sure to give a full report as soon as I can.
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Sweet... cant wait to see them.

Depending on how they are, might have to put the 589's up for sale
You won't be disappointed Rob,that tire is great in mud and thick sand.You buddies will never lose you due to the unique track they leave...
Nice can't wait to see it.
Youre gonna love them! Are they going on the 450 or 500? I have pics of them on my 450 if you want a sneek peek at what they will look like... sorta.
on the 500, I cant wait to get them. Ive read nothing but good things about them. Im gonna air them up a little to get some height!! Hope they work ok on stock wheels.
I'm looking to get a set of these tires as well, heard nothing but good things! Who has the best price? I can't find anyone in Ontario, Canada that has these tires. I've only been able to find them online in the U.S.
I have 10 psi in mine and they are right around 27.5". Ive heard that with 15 psi they are 28s. You MAY have clearance issues with stock rims, due to the offset. With the itp 4s on mine they still rub at full turn, and the rims added 2 inches to the width of my 450, gaining back spacing. You will probably need spacers for it but only time can tell. I hope they fit 1st try with no spacers. GOOD LUCK
I had 27x10x12 on ft and 27x12x12 on the rear before I lifted mine and I had no rubbing issues on the stock rims.The basic HL lift kit makes it 2 inches higher up on everything from the frame up.My old 27 Bi and Tri's were a true 27" wiyh 5 psi.They keep the weight down alot due to only being a 4 ply tire,very tough though,never had leaks or puntures.The ft's are a little thinner at 27x9.75x12,still true size though,good luck Rob and lrt me know the comments!!!
cool, glad to hear they worked well on the stock wheels. Mine should be here this week, so I will test them out good this weekend. Problem is, there isnt much mud around here anymore, its all
QUOTE ("Robb":3byqlrux)
Just ordered a set of these tires in 27s, will be sure to give a full report as soon as I can.
Way to go Robb, now i think i am going to look into getting a set of these since I am getting low on tread on my 589's. I did a lot of reading today on different forums and read nothing but great responses from people who have/ have had them. They all say they would buy another set as soon as theirs wear out.
Yeah thats the same conclusion I came to as well. Cant wait to try these out!
Tires came today!!!! Holy moly are they nasty looking, I cant wait to try them!! But **** are they heavy!
They are still lighter than Mudzilla's or Outlaws,run 7 psi and they are over 27 inches in height.Have fun and don't do any donuts for awhile,they grab everything...
congrads on the new rubbers Robb, cant wait to see them in action
QUOTE ("Robb":3o7wmzoe)
Tires came today!!!! Holy moly are they nasty looking, I cant wait to try them!! But **** are they heavy!

Finally got them mounted. Had to sacrifice a stock rear tire, they could not break the bead and had to get creative. The Stock tires are on those wheels real well thats for sure! SHould have pics up soon, gotta go paint the wheels and put them on the bike!
WHO'S stock tire did you sacrifice???:shock:

Next time cut the valvestem or remove the schrader valve and drive a car over the edge of the tire. That will break the bead.
You will be getting 2 BRAND new stock wheels and tires due to the sacrifice.
I dont think that trick would have worked. It took trying 3 different tire machines to get those tires off. Honda tires have one helluva steel braided bead!
No biggie, I happy you got them on at last.
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