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Bi/Tri Claws vs. Zillas

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which is better? i mud 20%, trail ride 75%, and 5% roads.
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for your conditions i'd say claws
zilla's are rough until you get into 2nd gear, i dont know about the bi/tri's never had them. i use my zilla's 90% mud 10% trail. everything else i put on my stocks.
I have run them both, claw are what you want. They are a great tire and last forever
out of them two tires claws are the way to go, claws wear really good and do ok on trails.
forgot to mention but i dot run snow but that is very seldom since it hardly ever snows in the winter anymore
It's snowed like crazy this year up here.
yeah i did here in vandalia too but it was the first time in like 2 years
the claws do ok in snow but, whenever you start spinning on frozen ground and it truns slick they are not too good of a tire. if you go trail riding with alot of people be sure you stay infront of the group because when the ground turns to ice you will have some problems going places. im not sure how the zillas do in snow but any mud tire isnt going to do great in the frozen ground.
thanks mad mudder looks like 27" Bi/Tris is what i would want
JWJR, my friend is selling his bi/tri claws because he is getting laws. they are almost brand new, he said that he will sell them for $300. if you are interested or have some questions about them feel free to ask.
the reason for this post was to see what i would want for when i get my bike. right now im on dads bike since i am only 16 and dont have my own bike yet. i was just wonting to know cuz i want to get tires practily right after i buy it.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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