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bf is weak

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my budy with a bf piped jetted and has a cdi box on it took his 27 inch 589s off cause he lost 3 wheel bearings at once 3 months after putting the tires on. guesse he wont be amming it out now told him to sell it and get a forman or use it for an ancher
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Yeah, I have a friend with a BF too. I asked him if he wanted to go riding a while back, and he said "I can't, it's broke". I asked him what was wrong with it, and he said "'s a brute force..." lol he likes the power and stuff, but it tears up on him all the time. His is a 750 I believe, it has IRS.
Im really starting to hate the BF craze. EVERYONE and their mother wants one... but they aint seen one go through mud, aint even rode on one... I SWEAR IM GONNA GO CRAZYYYY MWUAHHAHAAH...

Alright i feel better
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