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I have a 02 Foreman, and when I'm towing it on my trailer (more than once this has happened) and I hit bumps, its like the suspension on the bike compresses more even though I anchor it down with rachet straps. This results in the straps coming unhooked from the trailer. Is there a spot on the bike that is best for tieing it down? Maybe a spot that doesn't compress as much. I even lean on the bike to compress the shocks and then rachet it down tight. But I guess the low air in the tires allow it to compress even more. (NOT SURE THAT IS THE ISSUE). But I would like to know how others tie theres down so I don't have to deal with it moving around on the trailer after coming unhooked.

If you have pics of how you tie it down that would be great.

Thanks for any info....

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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