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Best way to.....

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I have a 02 Foreman, and when I'm towing it on my trailer (more than once this has happened) and I hit bumps, its like the suspension on the bike compresses more even though I anchor it down with rachet straps. This results in the straps coming unhooked from the trailer. Is there a spot on the bike that is best for tieing it down? Maybe a spot that doesn't compress as much. I even lean on the bike to compress the shocks and then rachet it down tight. But I guess the low air in the tires allow it to compress even more. (NOT SURE THAT IS THE ISSUE). But I would like to know how others tie theres down so I don't have to deal with it moving around on the trailer after coming unhooked.

If you have pics of how you tie it down that would be great.

Thanks for any info....

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When I tie mine down I go through the front rack, through an anchor on each side and then hook the frame behind the front tires on each side.

The back I run it through the back rack bracket and to anchor points and then another strap from the anchor points to the hitch

Run the winch out and hook that down.

Then it is double tied down and you are good to go
i hook mine under the floorboards on each side goin to the front and around the hitch goin to each side in the back and havnt had a problem yet
wow the floorboreds is a great idea, i just use the winch
I use the floorboards as well, never had a problem with them coming loose. U might want to rethink on using your winch for a tiedown. The bouncing around is not good for them and it will strip out the gears on the smaller winches.
I put a rachet strap on each corner of my foreman. I hook each one on the rack and then to the trailer. I have never had it move or a strap come undone.
then we bought our bike the dealer drove it out of the shop and into the bed of our trucks and we starts to tie it down hooking throught the pegs and we have been hooking though the pages ever since. never had a problem.
i just strap mine on the frame, i never had a problem.
Are you sure that your straps aren't slipping? I've moved lots of bikes on trailers and in truck beds and have never had a strap come loose if it was tight enough to compress the suspension. With a ratchet strap theres no need to lean on the bike because a good strap will be strong enough to compress the bike. If you are using a cam strap you will have to compress the bike and these straps can slip a lot easier than the ratchet type. You can also modify the strap to attach it to the trailer with a shackle instead of the hooks. That way if it loosens up on a bump it will stay attached and remain tight when the bike stops moving.
When i Tie my Foreman down all i have to do is hook one rachet straps on the front racck on one corner and then one on the back from the opposite corner on the front
when i ratchet mine in the trailer i go over the tires with a hook in front of the tire and one behind the tire ratchet tie down over the tire just like the tow trucks works perfect and it dosn't compress the suspension either works perfect
I have D rings on my trailer. I use this set up.

I use this there the rack.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... 8659_28659</a>

Then this to strap it to the trailer.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... 1895_21895</a>

With this setup you would have to brake a strap for it to come off.
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Thanks for all the info guys. I'll have to try some different techniques and see what works best for me. Lots of good ideas were given though.

I may have to look into buying new straps.

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