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Best Tires.?

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Hi all.

My stock dirthooks are almost bald now on my Rubi.

Was just wondering what would be some inexpensive, but stong and light tires that are good in mud.

Was thinking something like Bighorns or something.

Any ideas.?
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Bighorns are a great tire but, not cheap or especialy great in mud. More of a trail tire realy. you might be more interested in ITP 589's or mudlights or even swamplights.
I do mostly trail riding, but usually there are some mudholes in them.

so i want something like a 60% trail and a 40% mud would the 589s or the mudlite be a good one.?I want strong 6 ply ones but also i want them to be light.?
I really like my Super Grip Super Lights. They look like Mud Lites but they are made with a tougher compound so they wear better and stand up to abuse on the trails better. Work well on the trails and do a good job in the mud for an all round tire. The rim gard is also a nice feature.
oh, thanks.

i will definetly check those out.

are gators a good tire or no.
my 589's are a little ruff on hard ground and a little heavy. 26" mudlites are light and very smooth on hard ground. both great in mud. 589's dig a little more where mud lite float better in water or sand
i looked at the Kenda Exucutioners on the net. they seem pretty cheap.

but are they light. somewhere near stock weight. just click veiw all and it will give you tire wights for most atv tires
I have mudbugs which are the same as gators imo they are not that good of a trail tire more of a medium mud tire. They ride rough and don't climb very well. maybe you could look at the new mudbug radials though at least the ride should be better.
I have the 26x10 front and 26x12 inch rear mudlights with the 12 inch 106 rims. mine are the XL so they have the 1 and 1/8 inch tread. they wrok terrific i went riding with them on sunday and i have no grip problems. and they are just as light as stock tires and rims if not a little lighter. I noticed with the new tires I accellerate a good bit faster soits a good deal i love them i got them on ebay for 573 for rims tires and lugs
thanks all.

i will definetly look into these
I have Bighorns, and they turn into slicks in the mud. They are amazing everywhere but in the mud.

For what you are describing, Mud Lites would suit you well.
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