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Best tire,least to Greatest.....................

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Out of the following tires.(Order from least to greatest)

Super Swamper
Dirt Devil
Outlaw Mst
Swamp Witch

(This isn't my opinion,YOU have to put them in order)
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9. Dirt Devil
8. Mudlight
7. 589
6. Swamp Witch
5. Outlaw Mst
4. Super Swamper
3. EDL
2. Mudzilla
1. Outlaw

should be interesting to see what everyone puts.
Yea,It should be funny,that's why I posted it,to see what everyone puts.......and yes,I did make me a new profile.
for what? trails?mud? floaties?
Sorry,I forgot to describe.Like the best All-Around tire.Like best in mud,but don't wear to bad.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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