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Best tire for winter plow work?

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What would folks recommend for an all around atv tire for a honda 450, with the majority of its winter work would be plowing snow and driving on ice in minnesota. It has vampire super swampers on it now, which while might have some traction in deep snow, they don't look like they will do anything but spin on the packed snow and ice.
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I, also, would be interested in the answer to this question. I need some new tires...and I also plan on doing some plowing this winter. But I live in WV, which probably doesn't get as much snow as Minnesota.

i also have vamps on my foreman and i live in pennsylvania so i have the problem with snow to. i had titian 589 and they did poor in the snow, they dug to quickly, ive always like stock tires and the swamp foxes in snow, the foxes seem to be the best so far that i have used
What worked best for me when plowing was the stock tires with Cycle Country V-bar tire chains on the rear tires.Then when I took off the plow for summer I put the mud tires back on.I also had a box on the rear rack with 150 lbs. of rail.This was on a 1994 TRX300 and a 48" plow.
The Mudlights I have on my Foreman seem to work great for plowing.
MUD BUGS, lots of tread and wears awesome
I have mudlites on mine and it does just fine plowing in the snow. I am not happy with the where on them I think its a little much. A buddy of mine bought 589 when I bought my mudlites he rides on the blacktop alot & they look great.
super swampers work good too. i had a set of those on a 2wd suzuki and i plowed with it, never got stuck
I agree with the tire chains, I put a set of chains on my claws and it made a big difference and for driving on the ice stud the front tires for better steering.
got vamps on mine no prob in snow and step father plows amine snow with 26 inch tsl's with no prob got rid of his chains and swears by them
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