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Best tire for recon

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im looking for a good mud tire for my recon but i only have a 9" rim. does anyone have any ideas on what tire would be good for my recon? i am wanting it to be a 25" tire also. noone replyed to my other post so i thought i would reask the question a little better.
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With a 9inch rim your selection is just about as good as haveing 14in rims why dont you look into getting some rancher rims for your recon then you will have a much bigger selection to choose from
thanks for the input i have been checking around to see about getting a set of 12 inch rims for it but havent had much luck yet
I was thinking about getting either 25-12-9 gators or mud bugs i have 22-10-9 gators now but i need more groung clearence
I had gators on my girlfriends old recon and they were awesome so yeah either mudbugs or gators should be good good luck
i agree with the gators. i have 25s on my old 300 2wd and it goes really good. like said above maby you can find some 12" rims or something so you will have a bigger selection.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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