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Best snow tires

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I've got a 06 foreman and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the best tire for snow riding.

Also, what is the largest tire that can me mounted on the stock rims.
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tracks are the best
well i think Highlifter Outlaw MSTs would hold there own in the snow.
M-mud S-snow T-trail
big horns work good in the snow for me
My Executioners are excellent on hard snow but if you get off the trail in the deep powder then they dig straight down.If there is powder snow with a good bottom then they will bite and pull you through.I think there is probably something better out there than Executioners,look for something that will float.Maybe if I had 12" wides they might work better.
Check these out. Might be worth running something like these in the winter if you get lots of snow and switching to different tires for the rest of the year.
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... -p-66.html</a>

Don't know if suitable sizes are available or if anything similar is offered by other manufacturers. It would be interesting to see how they work especially as they grow in diameter as they spin.
hurmm might be alittle small for a Foreman.. they only come in 22x10x8 and 22x10x9 lol
Here is a pic of the tires that were on my bike when I got it. 24x9x11 front & 24x10x11 rear. They were well worn and just about useless in the bog but I could usually run circles around the bikes in our group in the snow. They stayed on top when the more agressive tires dug in. As long as I was out front and didn't try to follow in the ruts dug by the other bikes I rarely got stuck. If the snow is deep your best bet is to get the widest tire with the least agressive chevron pattern tread to stay on top.
Mud Lites really dig you down.. trust me should have fliped them today ahah

H4, these are kinda like your old tires,
GBC Lumber Jack ATV Tires
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Had those on the rear. Gheng Shin's I think. Forget the actual brand on the front. They were great on the trails but only 2 ply and as a result were full of plugs, including 5 in one hole in a sidewall from a railway spike from the old rail bed.
They were better in the snow than my new Super Lights but who wants to ride around on worn out little 24's when you can tear stuff up and get even more stuck with some real tires!
I would say that any radial is going to be better in the snow than any bias tire, just cause the tread will flatten out and grab instead of deforming. I know my bike has at least doubled the grip it had on snow (and I mean hard snow/ice. Obviously with the more aggressive tread deep snow traction is 10 times better)

My Carlisle ACT's are fantastic in the winter. That is the one thing I know about them so far

ACT = All Conditions Tire, does that beat Mud Snow Trail? Just kidding!
get the bighorns
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