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Best / Preferred Toe-in setting

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The original factory setting I liked.
I had a guy move it to 1/8" toe-in when he worked on my bike.
I didn't like it and moved it back to toe-out 1/2".
I am not satisfied.
The bike is now 4 years old and the tires are worn.

What have any of you guys found you like?
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I keep mine straight. I also have a locker with big tires and if it is off just alittle the locker will make it pull one way or the other.
front end

hi i just put a dgl on my 2001 honda foreman and im running 27 mud bitch tires on it . i noticed when i had it sitting straight up washing it with the hose the right tire looked as if it was to the right a little bit . when straight one tire was turned a little bit . how can i correct this problem ? also dirty4man i need to pm you about a jetting question .. thanks ..
what is the toe specs???

Simple question is I have just always quessed and got it close. What is the proper way to set it and what is the spec? Finally putting bike back together from Katrina and would like it to be right.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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