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best placec to buy

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wheres the best deal on tires and wheels
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ebay, that is where i do most of my dealings and never had any problems.
Depends on what your looking for. I looked everywhere for Mudzillas and they were all expensive. Found a different site and they were $412 for all 4 27x12x12's. Alot more that ebay... Guess you gotta shop for a specific tire..
have you decided on what you want yet? if so we might be able to head you in the right direction.
yea most likely goin wiht kenda executioners i would really like 28s but i gess th 27s would be fine so if u kno where a good place to get the m from taht would be great ebay has them for an alrite dear you think that 12s would fit all the way around or do the 10 12 combo
I like Track and Trail (615) 453-0907
They always take care of me and give me a good price.
i got my executioners off ebay for $310 with free shipping. i would go with the 10/12 combo, if you would get 12's all the way around it would steer alot harder and would increase the chance of breaking a axle. the fronts weigh like 26# and the rear is around 30#.
rocky mountain they have free shipping on tires and wheels i think and their prices are pretty darn good.
Call Matthew at, he will beat anyones prices handsdown!!
changed my mind not executioners want 28s and i gess they run about 1.5 inches short so a 27 that is a inch and a half short no longer temps me
i dont know where you heard that at but mine ran only a half a inch short. it may be a good idea to get a different tire anyway because executioners do good when you turn them slow but when the start spinning fast they are unreal in the mud, your 450 would turn them but you proubly wouldnt get all the performance that the executioners offer when turned fast. hope this helps you some.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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