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best place to mount the winch contactor block?????????

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I just got a new venom 3000lb winch, but i was wondering where is the best location on the foreman to mount the contactor block. it wont fit under the seat where i had planned on installing it. any ideas would be greatly appritiated!!!!!
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you can always mount it in the toolbox in back that where mine is mounted for the warn
On the 450 or 500? If its snorkeld then you can put it above the motor where the stock snorkel was. Otherwise I bet your stuck with the storage box.
I mounted mine on the outside of the storage box on the side oppsite of the exhaust like the manual calls for. It has worked several times under water and covered with mud no problems so far.
On a side note I would replace the wires that came with the winch with
6 guage braided wire. Make sure it braided wire and not the solid type wire used in homes. The reason for this is (and this may not apply to you but bettter safe than sorry) my winch is a warn 2.5 I got it on a trade new in the box but it had no hardware, switches or wires. So I bought the up grade kit from venom on ebay for like $20, warn wanted $150 for the samething. After I installed it on the bike I tested it an it worked fine, but the first time I had to use it I pulled out about 30ft of cable and as I was winching it in smoke started pouring out from under the seat. I ripped the seat off and the wires goning to the battery were melting I freaked out I thought my bike was going to catch on fire so I used my boot as bucket dousing water on it. After that I changed all the wires to 6 guage braided wire.
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i too mounted mine on the side of the tool box opposite the muffler and have had no problems. its been there over a year and has been underwater and covered in mud
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