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best place to buy front wheel bearings

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any suggestions
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I need some for Jennifers too. I need this same information.
Im thinking about going with pivot works kit from, there less than 50 bucks for both sides and include seals also. Also thought about reinstalling oem bearings, as i hear bad things about HL's sealed bearings
I've also heard not to waste your money on the HL sealed bearings. I don't
know what is so differant about them that makes them so expensive. I will
probably go with the Pivot Works myself.
I have the HL bearings and I haven't had any problems with them. I ride in the water a lot and I completely destroyed my oem bearing and replaced them with the HL ones. I also used the waterproof grease from HL to grease the bearings and the seals on the drums. That might help more than the actual sealed bearing.
i used AllBalls on both sides once i tore up the OEMs (and half of my left brakes). they've served me well for over 1500 miles of water & mud with only a few thorough tear-down/cleanings. i'm pretty sure they were around $25-30/side from my local shop.
I just purchased the HL ones, I haven't heard anything bad about them. I ordered the 2 bearings and the seal kit for the front for $92 with shipping.
I ordered some for each of ours from atvoutfitters. $50.00 for each atv shipped. Mine aren't bad yet, but since i'm puttin' the disc brakes on, i may
as well change them out. Jennifers on the other hand have seen better days.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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