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Best Online site to Buy Official Honda Service Manual

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My local dealer wants way too much for the service manual.

Anybody have a good site that has the official manual at good prices?


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i think i paid like rite at $50 to get one with shipping to me, it was in oklahoma, and im in louisiana...i just looked on ebay, you may check amazon to see also
I have a copy of the whole manual on CD in adobe. I would be happy to make you a copy and mail it to you if you want. Looking at it on the computer is pretty handy and you can always just print the page you need. I printed the whole thing out on the last day of my old job. It was priceless. PM me if you want a copy.
Thanks for the info people. I appreciate it. Sent you a PM 48.....
If you want a copy of the manual, just Download windows messenger live, and I will send it to you that way. My email is [email protected], so you can find me on windows messenger live.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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