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Best of Both Worlds?

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This is the most commonly asked question by anyone purchasing a set of ATV tires...but I'm askin' anyway . As you can see in my sig I'm using 26" MudLites. Not a bad tire but I want more. Right now I could care less about having an "All-Around" tire. I'm mostly playing in the mud; if you live in Florida like a lot of us on this site it's pretty unavoidable. I want a mud tire that's going to perform with the big boys but not destroy my machine. My hat's tipped to those turning 29.5's but I don't have the pocket book to worry about buyin' Gorilla Axles, a DGL, etc. I'm wanting to upgrade to a set of 27's. I've been researching tires quite a bit and so far I love the looks of the Mudzillas but those things are heavy..almost 30 pounds a piece for 27x9x12's. I don't want to rob every ounce of horsepower from my 500. No, it's not going to when many races but It still has to transfer power to the ground. What should I do? The Outlaw MST have been highly reccomended but those things are pricey! Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot for your patience and time!
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only one choice in my book and that is the 27" bi/tri claws. you like the look,very light(they dont weigh nearly as much as the mudzilla's),wont kill your wallet, wont destroy your bike, very smooth if you still want to go trail riding(smoother than my 26" 589's were)in the national forest.

if your not getting 29.5's, i would get these.

I have to say though i am telling you this as a bi/tri claw owner,but i am also thinking on upgrading to 29.5's in the future
I also run bi/tri's and they are awesome. My 450 turns them with ease, so your 500 should be ok. In places i use to get stuck, now i can go through in 2wd. At 40 mph they ride smooth as factories, even at low speeds i barely know they are there. I love them. They clean out very well, so plan on getting you and the person behind you covered, like i did this past weekend
I love my Claws and I would recommend them to anyone.

If you're thinking about MST's you might want to look into the Swampwitches (not Swamplites), they're made by the same company.

Do you think 27x9.75x12 Bi-Claws would work well on all 4's? I've noticed that most people reccommend the Tri-Claws on the rear but I don't want such a wide tire...don't want to sacrifcie the weight either. Thanks for the replies. By the way, any suggestions of the best place to purchase them?
I'm sure that would work just fine. However, the weight is not an issue with these tires, you have plenty of machine. I have the Bi-Tri combo on my 400 Cat and it has no problem turning the anything. My Ruby handles them even better, so will yours.....go with the Tri's in the rear, you won't be disappointed!!
The rears dont stick out past the fender on my 450, the fronts however are a different story. They stick out about an inch on each side. I do however also have the ITP rims which have a diff offset from factory rims, but without them or spacers the front will rub.
Also dont go with all 4 Bi's, they do not clean out as well the the tri's. The tread pattern being closer together i quess what causes this. I actually considered running 4 tri's but did not want hard steering when in 4 wheel. Just get the bi/tri combo you will not regret it one bit once you do
I'm pretty much sold! Any reccomendations of where to purchase? Just call that number & ask for Matt. He will give you
one heck of a deal. You can negotiate with him some. I am gonna order our
disk brake kits from him in a couple of days. The cheapest i could find the
brakes anywhere else was $350.00. He will sell me the brakes for $280.00.
Both for $560.00 & no shipping charges. That's a good deal if you ask me.
He did the same thing on my wifes tires. He beat everybody by a long shot.
How's the service from atvoutfitters?Did it take long to get the tires/wheels?
For me it was the very next day. I couldn't believe how soon they got here.
He quoted me 289 whats with that? I was gonna get Hmf power kit also, and it was gonna run me 615 for both the brakes and power kit. let him know i want some front brakes to, maybe if a few of us get them all at once we can get some type of group discount if possible.
He didn't tell you $280.00 for the brakes? Did you talk to Matthew?
I got my bi/tri's from my Honda dealer, who is also a Highlifter dealer. The dealers usually have a lower price AND no shipping cost as opposed to Highlifter. Check around the dealers in you area and see if any are a highlifter dealer. Mine came with black type-c rims and lugnuts and center caps for less than anyone on the internet was offering.
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