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Best mud tire out there!!!!!!!

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What is the best mud tire?????
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Super Swamper Vapmire EDL, they have a 2 inch deep lug
Dont they break axles though???
any tire can break a axle. just depends on the driver. with mud tires, it just doesnt take as long to break an axle
laws, the 29.5" really dig through the mud.
EDLs on the front and laws on the back
Does a Foreman 450ES have enough power to turn 28" outlaws? What about clearence. Spacers? Etc. Etc.
IMO the foreman doesnt have the ability to turn 28 laws well. a few mods would fix that. to fit them either trim a lot of plastic or 2 inch lift and spacers depending what widths ur runnin
For 28's all you need is a lift and minimal trimming or use a heat gun to bend the plastics. The clutch kit is a must. You should only need spacers if you are running stock rims with stock exhaust.
mudzilla have 27's and it pulls hard as heck can feel it shovelling the mud when they are really biting. never had laws but the zillas leave a nasty belly pan skid mark it the nasty stuff and keep going. when i have gotten them stuck i just hit reverse and back out.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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