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Best all around tires ?

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What are some choices for all around tires, will the big horn radials be a noticeable improvement over stock? Will it make the atv turn easier, the stock tires seem to roll over in slow tight turns.
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i recently put itp xtr radials on my foreman. they are a huge improvement over the stockers. a couple of things worth noting, it is harder to get the atv sideways while trail riding due to the improved traction. this could be good or bad depending on what you want. the first fast corner i went into, i didn't lean because i was used to the sliding, and the foreman went over on 2 wheels almost dumping me off. i have heard great things about bighorns but i did not buy because they are very heavy. also the deep lugs on the xtrs are great in some circumstances but they dig down fast in situations like deep snow. by the way, atv outfitters had the best price by far. also look at carlisle act and ducks unlimited radials. they are very similar to xtrs.

So does the atv turn alot easier, or is just a better traction tire? I'm only interested in making the bike turn easier... If I make a slow u turn on hard surface the stock tires seem to roll under or fold alot... I suppose the Radial tires are alot stiffer and therefore turn a little sharper & easier?? Or am I totally wrong??
one thing that makes your atv turn so hard on pavement is the solid rear axle. i'm sure you can hear the tires scuffing real bad as they are trying to turn at different speeds and can't. if all you are looking for is easier turning, try putting about 7 psi in your stockers. honda recommends 3.5 psi. this will cause the bias ply tires to reduce their contact area because unlike a radial, bias plies balloon out and get rounder. on a 4x4 make sure the tire diameter is the same front to rear so you don't tear up your drive train. the down side is that the ride quality will suffer in proportion to the tire pressure.
i got 26" bighorns and love em even if they are tall and heavy. the handling is different not easier, they grab stuff harder so they like to yard the bars around in 4x it is easier in 2x though. i noticed it's a smaller power band, when playing with bigger tires. i don't want a louder exhaust, so i can't gain any there maybe a clutch kit will help. the k&n is good and making sure it's always tuned up and that is the best i can ask for. and i'll tell ya i don't need to ask for much more, my foreman rules. my buddy just got a 06 rubi, so the jonesing may start. any way i love the bighorns and they will last, for the thrifty in me. even got into some snow a month ago (honest!) and they run awsome in that too. so i give'm 2 thumbs up, and they look sweet!!
my 2 cents
ITP Mud Lites
ITP Blackwater XT's, I have had these tires for over 2 years and I ride in every kind of terrain imaginable. The tread on the tires look like they are brand new. It is unbelieveable. I will get another set IF I EVER wear these things out.
Here are a few other tire brands.....
ITP 589's
My friend has 26" Bighorns on his Foreman 450. Im not impressed with them at all in the conditions at all. They are not a mud tire at all, they are horrible in loose sand, but on hardpack they do grip.

My brother and a friend have the usual 26" Mudlites. I think everybody knows about them. They are decent all around as long as the conditions dont get to ugly. they ride quiet and depends on the air pressure they are smooth on hardpack.

I love my 26" MSTs. They have outperformed every tire in any condition that me and my friends encounter. The original Outlaws are awesome in mud but ride pretty rough. These ride smooth if not smoother than stock, but it depends on on the Air Pressure again. They suprised me the first time i got them in some sand. They are just amazing when it comes to some nasty mud. The price i got them for is what i like about them. I Will Be Buying Some More. But these havent started wearing after about 1000 miles. I was told these tires would outlast my bike, and its starting to look that away.

I also put some 25" MSTs on my buddys 05 Rincon, he loves them. He doesnt get in the nasty mud we like to play in, but all around they are awesome. His bike is used for a farm bike and the weekend we ride the creek and stuff like that.

But if i were to spend my money on a an all around I will be gettin the MST.

But thats just my 2 cents..

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Jonathan is right those mst's on his bike are awesome. He has impressed me enough that when I get some tires those are what i'm getting. Plus, his bike pulls them probaly as well as stock tires.
I think that SwampLites are good all around tires.
By far it has to be Kenda Bearclaw HTR. These babys are priced right and work so so good in everything and ride well and are 8 Ply rated!!
Since everyone suggested trail tires in the mud tire thread I'm going to say that the best all around tires are Outlaws, the biggest size you can fit.
I really like my ITP Mud Lite XL's I had Gators and hated them.
I've read some really great things about sti's black diamond xtr's.
black diamond; enough said
He wanted to know 6 yrs ago, I'd say he decided by now. By the way,he wasn't asking what the best mud tire was,he was wondering what the best all around tire was.
Nice! I never even seen the first page. This thread has been around these forums longer then me LOL
I like my Mudlite XTRs a lot.
By far it has to be Kenda Bearclaw HTR. These babys are priced right and work so so good in everything and ride well and are 8 Ply rated!!
I'm impressed with mine so far as well. Do pretty good in snow
Bighorns or black diamond XTR
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