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bent axle

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My left front axle on the foreman is bent and wears the tire way faster then it should where can i get a good replacemnt for cheep thanks
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try they seem to have a good selection of stuff fairly priced
are u sure its the axle that is bent, could it be the a-arms or maybe the tie rods. ebay usually has a good choice of parts for the foremans
im not sure but i havent taken a real close look at the A-arms or tie rod but they didnt show any major bends in them the wheel wobbils a whole lot so i thought it was the axle thanks ill have to look at that stuff
I would start by jacking it up and looking for a bent rim, worn bearings,a-arms and the tie rods/ends. also check to see the your front end is out of alignment using a measuring tape. you would have to hit something pretty hard to bend an axle.
well i just recently purchesed the foreman so i dont know its history something was hit because the front skitplate has a bolt on the one side that is smashed back
looked at it and everythinng appears to be strait im gona switch wheel positions wiht the one that wobbils and see if another one will wobbil the same if not then it must be the rim thanks for your help
let us know what you find
I bet the wheel bearings are gone.
jack up your foreman with all 4 off of the ground. get someone to start it up and put it in gear. While the tires are spinning, take something straight (such as a ruler) and make contact with the rotating axle and move the ruler up and down the axle shaft. If everything is ok, the ruler should stay in contact with the axle shaft at all times.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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