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Bending Black Plastic

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On the rear black plastic, whats the best way to heat it up to bend it. every so often the tires will catch it and fold it under. so whats the best way to do it.
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If you are talking about the plastic in front of the rear tire (floorboard), a hair dryer will work. it will also work on the rear mud flap on very back.

I had this problem on my rear mud flap after I removed my lift. instead of heating it, I just trimed off about 2" of it.
thanks D4man. whens the next time yall are goin riding? been looking to goin riding but just aint been able to here lately. if im free i would like to join yall. yall seem like a good bunch to be around
no problem Tech, glad I could help. We are going to Boggen N Da South Mud Bog at Red Creek located in South Miss on Feb. 9-11. You are more than welcome to come and join us there. Its about a 3 hr. ride from Baton Rouge and I see you are alittle bit north of me.
yea its about a 4 1/2 hour drive. i cant make it that w/e b/c of school. im out the next for mardi gras. but the next time yall have a ride, give me a shout and ill see if i can make it.
ive decided to just trim the black plastic in the rear because thats the only place it rubs(around the tail lights). whats the best thing to use to trim 'em?
I used a big pair of sissors to trim mine.
Utility knife works good.Just take your time to get a straight cut.
im goin to try and work on it this weekend. ill post pics when i get it done
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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