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Behind The Reef Trail in the San Rafael Swell 3/25/2015

On Wed the 25th a bunch of us hit Behind The Reef in the San Rafael Swell.

The trailhead is about 100 miles east of my home on I-70. We met in Richfield at 7:00 AM and I got home just after 9:00 PM.
I put 96.6 miles on my Brute and it drank a lot of gas. :D I added fuel long before anyone else did.

There was a 2009 AC 400 that gets on the average over 20 mpg and it has a 7 gallon gas tank. That would be
awesome to have that kind of range but what a price to have to pay. :lol:

Here's just a few pictures from the ride. The San Rafael Swell is truly an awesome place to ride.

Crossing under I-70 just after departing the trailhead.

One of a few arches we got to see along the trails.

One awesome trail :cool:

They drove rebar into the ground so the could stack rocks to build the trail on this shelf.

No one too the by-pass.

once on top the trail was pretty cool - too bad it wasn't longer but riding on the shelf was fun.

Time for a break and to let everyone regroup.


It was a great ride for sure.
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