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hey guys i'm in the process of tearing the honda apart and giving it a complete detail job.
Gotta get it ready for "May's Foreman of the Month"
Is there anything you think i should do while i have it all tore apart???

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I must ask how long did that take to strip to that skeleton???
It only took about 1.5 hours not to long.
i'm taking apart all the wire conectors and putting dielectric on them. im pretty impressed with honda's wire connectors they are pretty water tight.
Just last weekend I tore my 500 down so i could put dielectric grease in all the electrical fittings, and it sure seems that Honda knows what they are doing, not a spec of water or mudd has got past those seals!!!
I noticed that too when I had taken mine apart this weekend that none of the electrical connections had any mud or water in them. I too put Di-electric grease in all my connections. Good job Honda.
Is there a particular brand of grease you guys are using?

I am fixing to put dielectric grease on my spark plug, everyone says it works. Everytime I ride in water its like it wants to kill while I am holding the gas, hoping this will solve the problem.
I use Permatex brand Di-electric grease. It has worked pretty good so far. I like it.
I just use the cheapest i can find .
as picky as you are about your four wheeler you use the cheap stuff?????
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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