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has anyone put bedliner on their front bash plate? i have it on my front and back racks, im about to do the front bumper and it should all stay on there very good b/c its metal. but i have a stock from bash plate and thats plastic. anyone put bedliner on here and had any problems with it? im going to be using the do it yourself hurculiner
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hmm i was going to do the same along with my rims

the front and back racks turned out excelent, i recommend it to everyone who put anything on their racks, and it looks very very good. however, i do not say it would be a good idea to do it yourself on ur rims... when brushing this stuff on its like trying to control tar. i think it would make ur rims looks nasty. i also wouldnt imagine trying to prep (sand/rough up) rims would be an easy thing to do. i say just spray paint the rims... if and when it does chip off, respray it.
note taken. that stinks thow, another guy on here said it was no problem. i was all set to do it this weekend. oh well

im using the herculiner, i dunno what kinda bed liner he was using. but it is VERY VERY thick, and i think in the stock rims it would get all stuck up the little holes and in the grove that goes around the rim. just think about driving through the peanut butter mud and how your rims looks after that. i think thats how it would look if u did bed liner on them. give it a try if you want to. but i do highly recommend it on the racks, i found the best way to do them is to use a paint brush (cheap one) and hang the racks from something. i hung them in my garage and put plastic down on the ground b/c it drips. i did 2 coats and its gonna hold up very good. after each the first coat clean off the brush with paint thinner the best you can or it will dry up into a solid block and u'll have to use a new one each time. WEAR GLOVES!! i used latex gloves. it will not wash off the skin, haha hope this makes ur bedlining experience better!
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it deffently will help, appreciate it much, i'll just save the tires for last, i'll prob just spray paint them:D

what is the can stuff called? and how well does it stay on? stand up to rocks and roots hitting it?


this got me thinking about painting and doing the wheels. there was a special paint that i used to paint the inside of my jeep with. this stuff loved rust and it dried hard. you couldn't chip it. i'll look it up tonight and see what it was. it would probably be good stuff on the wheels.
i got my front bumper rhino lined for 50 bucks and racks are 75 and they will b done in the near future
i think what u are talkin about is rustoleum hammered paint. it comes in spray paint, thats what i did my ammo boxes with. very good lookin paint! i just dont think its strong enough for the racks and bumpers
this stuff is called por-15, . por-15 is just painted on metal whether it has paint or rust on it. it aint cheap but it is what it advertises. ive had everything thrown against it in my jeep but doesn't crack.
thats come crazy stuff! i just finished putting the first coat on my front bumper.... its hanging in the garage drying right now.... 2nd coat will be put on tomorrow... i might do a 3rd
yeah POR-15 is the best for rust. just paint it over rust and it seals the rust so it can't spread
so this por-15 is as good as you all have it cracked up to be huh? i think i'm gunna order a pint today off there internet, unless you know where i could get it lockly.

i did the spray on approach

i did my racks with the duplicolor bedliner spray...

i sanded and cleaned and painted it on and it lasted almost 6 months before it started chipping off bit by bit.

i think i may try a different approach and paint it with rust resistant paint and tape them up with thick pipe wrap.

I actually just got done painting my stock rims with a kit you can get at advanced auto. it special wheel paint made for cars....i did two coats of that plus 2 coats of clear just for shine...came out really nice. I was actually suprised how good it was.
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