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i was wandering whats some good wheel bearings i am in need of some and was gonna see what yalls input was... and what about allballs bearings anybody heard or know anything bout them? and are the highlifter sealed bearings really worth the price? also does anybody know where the cheapest place is to get some bearings?
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I use the All Balls and Moose brand bearing kits. I think I paid around $30 for the Moose kit, the include the bearing and both seals. I cant remember what I paid for the All Balls. Most of the time I get mine from a local atv shop.
I also get alot of parts from They treat me pretty good on prices, alot of the prices on the site are incorrect, so dont go by them. Call and talk to them, Joe or Dewayne.

the only downfall on the HL sealed bearings is that they dont come with seals. So that means more money.
i have used the allballs and the moose as well...they are pretty comparable in price...i used allballs the first time and moose the most recent might want to take your bearing out and see if you have a bearing company close to you and see if they can either cross reference one or have one of their own to use...i have had guyd tell me to do this but i havent..i kinda trust ones that are specififcally made for it...they say the cost is a whole lot cheaper...
i would bring the bad bearings to a local auto parts and match it to some made in USA. ive never replaced them yet in my atv but i do know that the made in USA last lots longer in a mower deck. I would think that would be the cheapest way out
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