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I think my front wheel bearings are just startin' to go out. They are not
bad yet, but their is a little bit of wobble to the front the left front wheel.
Not much, just a tad bit. Where is the best place to get aftermarket
sealed bearings? What is the best kind to get? The Highlifter sealed
bearings or Pivot Works. Do they work as advertised? Thanks.
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my advice to you is to get the cheapest sealed bearings that you can find...when u ride in mud and water i dont care what kind you have there gona go shot quick....just my suggestion
Thanks for the info. So the Highlifter sealed bearings ain't what they
Carl I use the Moose brand wheel bearing kits, which includes bearings and seals from a local ATV shop for $30 per side. They seem to work well and last as long as the other brands. HL's kit doesnt include seals, so that means buying seals from somewhere else.
I would get OEM's personally. I think you can get them fairly cheap from
Alright. Thanks for all the input & saving me lots of $$$. Where do i find
these Moose bearings?

buy moose bearings will last longer trick is to pick out the bearing seal with a pic or ice pic pack bearing with a heavy duty grease, replace seal on bearing . if hub is worn or pitted bad replace hub from honda if u dont the seal will not last.
I use the pivot works bearings, but you have to get the sealed ones. They are a little more money. You do get what you pay for.

there are only about 4 places that manufacture ball bearings in the world.
everybody buys them and then renames them like allballs, most are made in china in very modern plants. anyway there is a place in ontario canada that sells the double sealed bearings for 25 dollars canadian , thats without seals(dust seals) they have an online catalog, the bearings im referring to are on a different page in the catalog then the one you can find from the index under the bearing catagory(go figure) anyway i think they are on page 133 just under the after market disk brakes for honda 450. the site is or .com i cant remember.

hope this helps
RR did u ever find some bearings for your bike?
Apparently they are not bad yet. I guess it was the way i had it positioned
off the ground. I will probably go with the Pivot Works sealed bearings
when they do go out.
i've replaced mine with allballs sealed bearings at $25-30 /side. after a few rides i usually tear down the front end cause they seem to get loose, and the front drum brakes need re-adjusted. so far, so good - other than needing to re-tighten the locknuts. i only see about 10-20%mud and water, but the trails here are REALLY rough. the oem bearings failed after about 1100 miles and i've gotten more than that out of the allballs sealed units, and theyre still rollin' smooth & free. just don't let the oem's get too bad, i had to replace most of the right front brakes and the knuckle cause mine blew out way out in the sticks. the balls were scalded to nearly everything!

You can also use Allballs bearing. That is what I use on all of my bike and they seem to work pretty good for the price.
Went with Pivot Works.
i went with the factory knucles as they are only a few bucks more and you get the lower ball joint. they don't last long in the mud. Also very much recoment the highlifter disk break kit. better stopping and no drum for the mud to build up in and work its way into the bearing.
good luck.
note...recetly went with highlifter bearings, havn't been in long enough to report.
I got them back from gettin' the disc brakes & bearings put in this mornin'.
I haven't got to ride them yet, but in the parkin' lot loadin' them up, i could
tell the brakes are great. Dang near threw me over the handle bars. The
Pivot Works bearings look to be much better than the stock bearings.
Quadboss is another source for sealed bearings w/seals for that $25 to $30 range.
i went

i went with the hl sealed bearings
I'm going out on a limb an saying that all off the bearing above except the stock bear are made by the same company, Also, this might be helpful the one-way bearing out of tthe grizzly will work in the 450 in the clutch
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