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Bearings and Seals?

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Where do yall get your bearings and seals from?
My brothers front left bearings were shot, he went to Motion Industries. Got 4 bearings and 8 seals for the front of his Foreman 500. The price from the honda shop was goin to be something like $150~.
He got 4 bearings and 8 seals for $70, they are made by NTN.

He took what was left of his old bearings up there and they measured them and ordered the right size.. These bearings and seals were even overnighted and still cost under half of the honda shop.. So we now have the PN for the seals and bearings. We are goin to stock up on them, so if anyone needs Front Seals and Bearings we might be able to hook ya up. Forget the honda shop, they are too proud of their stuff.
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What are the part numbers for the bearings and seals? I have a motion ind. about 15 minutes from me and I will be needing them shortly. Thanks.

Are you talkin about the diff housing cvshaft bearing or the outer spindle bearing? I got mine from lonestar for 30 bux a pop, they are sealed also.
wheel bearings and seals... i cant get ahold to my brother to get the part numbers and his shop is locked up.. i know if you had to, you can take your old bearings and seals to motion ind.. and they can measure them and order what you need...

where did you get the Lonestar bearings??
LoneStar is a local dealer by me and SASQUATCH. the bearings come seperate. but when you buy the package it comes with a bearing, inner and outter seal and spindle seal. the brand name I beleive is E.P.I.
Well, called 2 different Motion Industries near me and all I get is the run around. When I give them NTN part number (thats the only way they can find it,they can't match it by the size) they come back and say that they can't get it (but you can find it on their web site, just can't order it). One of them gave me the number of a local NTN Bearings direct dealer and when I told him the number he came back and said that he couldn't get them either. I have tried to find the Moose bearings with no luck. Found the All Balls brand but can't find anyone to order from (that's near me). Could someone please give me a link to order some bearings and seals from. Tired of going around and around with Mo. Ind.
Dude do what me and TX mudslinger did, call Lonestar powersports and order some.
when i did my rancher i just got my stuff from service honda as even my place that's local,Bearing and Drives unlimited could not get them and they can get anything under the's a specific size dimension that is made specifically for honda or whatever other manufacturing co. specs. they can get alternative bearings for you but the dimension is the same while the load capacity is not,so to save myself the aggravation i just used service honda and it's way cheaper than a dealer as a front wheel bearing is 45$ from the dealer and service honda is only 33$.if you can get the bearings that way then good luck and stock up on them because it's prolly someones screw up as to how you got them.
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